Poka Paris’ promise

An expertise that makes us proud

To keep an outstanding quality of products, all our handbags and leather goods accessories are hand made in France, in a family workshop.

The nobility of the Italian leather

We choose only the most noble skins, called “full grain”. Resistant and particularly soft to the touch, they acquire a nice patina over time. Each piece of leather have a specific texture, fine and regular, turning your Poka Paris bag into an irreplaceable high-end item.

A real gem

Chains, clasps, leatherworking nails… POKA PARIS bags’ 18K gold plated brass jewelry is well preserved from oxidation, long-lasting and visibly valuable.

Make a good impression

Dare to get out of the ordinary by choosing printed leather. Poka Paris offers you a touch of originality that requires a high-tech preparation of our leather pieces. We work with a specialized workshop located in Lille to print the exclusive patterns developed by Poka Paris’ designer on our cover flaps.

Our commitment

The protective organic cotton pouches of our bags are sewn and printed with care by the employees of an ESAT (French Support and Work Assistance Establishment) located near from Bourges, which values the social and professional integration of disabled adults.

Product care

Before use, waterproof your leather. Whether it is a bag or a wallet, this thin layer of protection will help avoid water and dirt stains.

On a daily basis, use a soft cloth and a bit of soapy water (neutral pH soap) to take care of your leather. This will remove accumulated impurities. Rub gently and dry with a soft cloth.

If your bag has been rained on, wipe it off quickly and let it dry thoroughly. Keep water from penetrating the leather to prevent permanent stains.

If you don’t use your bag for a long time, consider filling it with tissue paper before storing it in its protective pouch to make it keeps its original shape, until the day of your reunion!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any other question concerning the care of your marvel, contact us.