Our house of luxury leather goods was built from French craftsmanship, and has a keen eye for details and the quality of its raw materials.
Poka Paris creates limited edition, designed like a jewel, fashionable and elegant at the same time.


Poka Paris was born out of a beautiful meeting
between Morgane, creative and sensitive, and Elizabeth, enterprising and bubbly.
They were not meant to cross paths, but life knows how to mix colors:
they found kindred spirits in each other.
A shared passion for gorgeous materials and colors. Their respective skillsets complement one another.
“L’affaire est dans le sac », Poka Paris was born.

poka paris


In the world of high-end leather goods, Poka Paris stands out: intense colors, patterns, glitters, all enhanced by a clever concept that will delight the most creative women.

Inspired by our own lives and desires, we give you the freedom to change your style thanks to our collection of interchangeable cover flaps, ready to help you customize your Poka Paris bag depending on the occasion.


If, like us, you are a fan of fizzling colors and sparkling sequins, you will have no problem to play with all combinations available in Poka Paris online store customization. Switch your cover flap according to your mood, occasions and your desire to give a unique style to your bag.


We want to offer you high-end creations at the fairest of prices. POKA PARIS bags and small leather goods are available directly on our website, without any intermediary or permanent physical selling location. To allow you to touch, enjoy and try our models, we collaborate independently with pop-up stores all over the world.